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365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 136


  1. Posted by MJadeBond007, — Reply

    Oh no...it looks like the guy who didn’t get a call back showed up to mansplain why he was rejected....LOL...

  2. Posted by bryantgeorgen, — Reply

    these "tough girl" memes, really indicative of those with deep-seated insecurities, are quite amusing

  3. Posted by ericanemec3, — Reply

    Since when did "classy women" change its meaning to whores?

  4. Posted by sucubus415, — Reply

    So glad the mansplainers showed up. *eye roll*

  5. Posted by smolmolly, — Reply


  6. Posted by cptstevenrodman, — Reply


  7. Posted by doxiemamapoole, — Reply

    thanks for sharing your hillbilly wisdom :)

  8. Posted by Katrie5, — Reply

    Classy is just another word for sassy.

  9. Posted by thingsforme2331, — Reply


  10. Posted by bryantgeorgen, — Reply

    Wow! I really opened a can of worms, didn't I? Lol

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